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Our Buddy isn’t doing well.

He is resting on the couch  after Andy had to give him a sedative prescribed by our vet to stop his seizures. He’s had 5 or more episodes in the last 24 hours. I’ve lost track.

Every day he slows down more and more. He can’t run up the stairs, he occasionally falls down them, he needs help getting on the couch and he’s forever thirsty for water. He has begun to wet the bed at night. His sight and hearing are failing as well. It’s so heartbreaking to watch.

I know his days are few.

We’ve had him since he was around 6 months old, in 2004, and he was our first real adventure in caring for someone/something other than ourselves. He was our ‘firstborn’. He’s been by our side through all of our life changes. Marriage, getting our cat, having kids.. you name it. If we can take him with us on trips we do, and if we can’t he gets to go stay at his Nana & Papas just like our boys. He’s our family.

I’m home with him today to watch over him as he continues to have his seizure episodes.  The last one he had today slowed him down so much he couldn’t walk or see straight for over 20 minutes.Typically it lasts only 5 or so.

Everything that was on the to-do list will just need to wait. He needs me today, and he will need all of us until it’s his time to go.  I’m worried about him and I feel completely helpless. The vet offers meds, and reminds us he’s not getting any younger. There really isn’t anything more we can do.

So we wait, because he’s slowly dying.

It’s just not fair. We don’t want to say goodbye. Not just yet.

Shayla nails it in this blog post:

I can never be “ready” to let you go…

Like Shayla, I don’t want to admit that the time is near.. but we need to face it and enjoy the time we have. We love you Buddy Dog!

Credit given to Shayla at  Tiny Toes & Furry Paws Blog – Follow her here or through the above blog post link.

Proverbs 12:10