There are so many catastrophic events that we’ve seen on the news and/or personally experienced lately. We all want to help in so many ways and it’s difficult to pick just one cause.

I found one that caught my eye. 

Having school-aged children myself, I often wonder what the parents of these children will do to try to get their lives back to where they once were, or at least close to it. I am sure it has been challenging financially, emotionally, and mentally to put a foot forward to rebuild, let alone to get their kids back into a school routine. 

The victims of Hurricane Harvey have lost so much: homes, cars, belongings. Right now, their immediate needs are food, water, and shelter, and within the coming days and weeks, they’ll need so much more. That’s where you come in.

When schools are able to re-open, many children, and their teachers,  will be without pens, notebooks, backpacks and many other school supplies. Sydney Paige has partnered with Roonga to change that by running a school supply and backpack drive. Their goal is to provide 3,000 packs to Hurricane Harvey’s school age victims and their teachers.

This is a large anticipated need. Low-income children make up more than 75% of the Houston Independent Public School District. There are also districts in the area that have similar economic conditions making it difficult for families to afford replacing basic school supplies that were lost in their recent hurricane.

A backpack and school supplies certainly won’t fill all of the needs for these victims, but it’s a wonderful start. Letting children know people care can go a long way towards healing while going back to school can provide a small glimpse of normalcy in their world – one that’s been turned completely upside down.

If you want to help, please go to:

Here you will find options for different age groups of students that you can donate towards. There are also teacher bundles you can select to help them begin to rebuild their classrooms little by little.

Don’t miss out on helping these children and teachers affected by Hurricane Harvey. Getting them back to school to resume their educational endeavors is a headway into normalcy. Any way you can help in the recovery process is so beneficial.

About Sydney Paige: Sydney Paige manufactures high-quality backpacks from eco-friendly materials: 100% cotton canvas, natural leather, nickel free hardware and recycled polyester. Its mission has always been to provide a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need for every backpack purchased.

About Roonga: Roonga partners with non-profits to provide the right quantities of necessary supplies to those who need them.

For more information, please visit or contact Susana at

Thank you for the consideration.

Hebrews 6:10